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Since I can't show you kids my real face right now, let's move through this news item one eye roll gif at a time.

According to adult film star Channon Rose and her boyfriend, totally regular corporate office guy Travis Dean, Rose was demonically possessed while on their romantic vacation to Big Bear.

And since Rose and Dean have been chronicling every single minute detail of their relationship since 2012, they just totally happened to catch the coincidental possession of porn star Channon Rose on camera.

So rather than keep what should have been a truly terrifying experience under wraps, they have elected to share their experience with you. But don't go judging them! They don't want to be reality stars or whatever. They're just trying to show you this really personal, ABSOLUTELY REAL, thing that happened to them while on vacation with their handheld camera.

Cleverly titled, This Isn't a Movie, only YOU can help them get their MOVIE in theaters... by donating to their IndieGoGo campaign. Because, you know, they aren't real filmmakers. Just an adult film star and her boyfriend who randomly experienced a demonic possession on a ski vacation and then found a graphic designer to create a really scary poster.

So, watch the trailer and check out the poster. And if you actually want to give money to these two, good on ya. But can I suggest supporting the Reading Rainbow campaign instead? At least that won't be embarrassing when it shows up on your credit card statement.

(Courtesy of Dread Central... thanks a lot.)

But it by definition IS A MOVIE! Gods-dangit.
But it by definition IS A MOVIE! Gods-dangit.

Will you be seeing 'This Isn't a Movie?'


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