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Nicolas Carmona

Fantastic, wonderful, and amazing are just a few words to describe this masterpiece.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

It is very nice that they keep the opening touch of a little story and explaining the city, but also how they show the characters aging and now we are set five years after the first one. So with that, I really liked the growth they showed from were the first one left off and the evolution the characters have through this movie, mainly Hiccup and Toothless; this is a movie about many things but mostly about a friendship so strong, the one that these two guys have. Hiccup doesn’t know what to do with his life, doesn’t know who he is; alongside by him is his most loyal friend, Toothless, who once we see him interact with other Dragons you see that even though he is one of them he is still very different, sort of like Hiccup is with his friends and family. Their arc goes hand and in hand and they both understand who they are and what they must do, concluding in one of the most epic moments on an animated movie (one that I called before hand) Hiccup becoming chief and Toothless becoming the Alpha.

Speaking of moments, this movie is filled with emotional ones, from happy ones at the beginning seeing Hiccup and Toothless soar through the skies, to nostalgia of a mother reuniting with his son, to love seeing Hiccups parent’s meet once again and reignite the love that they had and even sadness seeing Hiccup’s dad die in the movie; so yes this is an emotional rollercoaster but it works so perfectly because nothing feels out of place, nothing feels like it could have done without and everything feels perfect. Another thing that enhances these moments is the wonderful score that the movie can boast, not only beautiful but exciting.

The music wasn’t the only beautiful thing, one of the most remarkable things from the first movie was the animation and the cinematography and this one also brings it’s top game and gives us some of the most beautiful sceneries we have seen in theater. From the flying moments, to the ice cavern and the “dragon land” every moment feels amazing and beautiful, imagine Lord of the Rings cinematography and scenery animated with a touch of UP’s, simply wonderful. The 3D works amazing with it, you feel you are flying right next to everyone and the depth that it gives immerses you into this world, also the IMAX just makes better everything I have just said.

[How to Train Your Dragon 2](movie:44736) is not only a great sequel, it is better than the first one and leaves nothing to have been improved, personally this is so far the best movie of the year and it deserves to be placed on the elite level (if you have recently seen I changed a little my ranking of the last few movies mainly because they are amazing but not 10 amazing) with beautiful sceneries, amazing character development and emotional moments enhanced by funny lines and moving score, How To Train Your Dragon 2 gets a 10/10


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