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Does blood make you grin? Then you have to watch the official trailer to 'The Evil Within.'

When we first watched it we couldn't help but think of two specific movies, '13 Ghosts' and 'Frankenstein.'

Watching a man with his tools in his underground workshop creating the most evil creatures known to man is a major step up from the single monster creation of the classic Dr. Frankenstein.

The box-headed freak of nature, the glass-impaled man-beast, and the bloody, four-armed mutant lady take the creepiness factor up more notches than 13 Ghosts ever could.

Waiting for this game to be released is one thing, praying for them to make it into a movie is something else.

So, while we stay optimistic of potential future movie projects for The Evil Within, we shall look forward to it's video game release date of October 21, 2014.

Watch the official trailer to The Evil Within here.


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