ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

Man am I surprised, 22 Jump Street took the top this weekend with $57 million followed by How To Train Your Dragon 2 with $49.5 million; not only this shocked me but a lot of people too. Dragon was the perfect box office hit, appealing to a wide variety, coming off a great film into an even better sequel; however, same can be said about 22 except the wide audience which was the main draw back, very interested in seeing how this plays out next weekend. Third we have Maleficient with $18.4 and Edge of Tomorrow with $16.5 who beat The Fault in Our Stars that came in fifth with $14.8 million.

This weekend we have Think Like a Man 2 and Jersey Boys coming out, my prediction will be the following:

1. Think Like a Man 2


3. 22 Jump Street

4. Jersey Boys

5. Maleficient


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