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Guillermo Del Toro's wonderfully toned and perfectly cast Hellboy films were both warmly received by critics and fans, but they hardly managed to set heart rates running in the board rooms upstairs. His first outing cost in the region of $60M to make with $90M coming back in earnings. Del Toro's follow-up, The Golden Army in 2008, cost a touch more but in the end it brought back double.

Nothing to be sniffed at, we might think, but with plans to apparently go BIG on Hellboy's third outing, they just didn't pack the right amount of punch to loosen the producers' purse strings. So is Red now totally dead and buried or is there still hope that [Hellboy 3](movie:466730) is on the cards? All remains very much unclear, but hey, at least Ron Perlman is still fighting the cause.

Perlman was at the East End Film Festival last week for the premiere of his new movie Dermaphoria where he was asked by a reporter where exactly the franchise is headed. Check it out:

Iā€™m never going to stop trying to get Hellboy 3 made!

All well and good, and we're certainly keeping our fingers tightly crossed (as I'm sure you all are too) for an ending, but if this is to be the epic finale which Perlman's Hellboy deserves, which path should the director take?

We had best get to it.

Another trip to Ireland

The team hadn't enough time to take in all the sights which the fair Isle had to offer at the end of The Golden Army, so why not swing back over for a trip. Mike Mignola has a couple of story arcs concerning the emerald isle, plus just imagine Abe and Hellboy enjoying a night on the Guinness?


Doubtful, we know, but terrific none the less.

Area 51

Taking place in present day but with flashbacks to 1947, Hellboy investigates some supernatural- or perhaps extraterrestrial- disturbances in Hanger 7 in Nevada.

Due to the episodical nature of Hellboy's adventures, a great deal of his stories have a sort of standalone feel about them. For that reason, many might seem un-befitting to this supposed final grand stand, but whatever the case this Area 51 plotline would offer a look into the past and plenty of fun period stuff, while also banking on some wonderfully intrigue-y subject matter along the way.

Back to Hell

Far more likely, we imagine, will be this story arc of Hellboy facing up to his past and finally returning home. The plot sees demonic powers begin to take hold on earth, forcing our hero to finally pay a visit to his infamous father.

A story like this would offer a terrific self discovery angle about accepting who you are but it would also offer great conflict by focusing on the hero's ability to choose his or her own destiny.

Del Toro's vision of hell would surely be stunning.


Although we would rather like to see the Back to Hell angle, this Apocalypse plot-line seems most likely of all. Hellboy's Right hand of Doom is known to hold the key to releasing the Ogdru Jahad, the mythical dragon of revelation which is prophecised to bring the end of the world. It is the only thing which can free these forces and so Hellboy's lifelong task is to protect it.

The hand is supposedly indestructible- and can still do the job even if Hellboy's no longer attached- so an Apocalypse film would most likely see Red investigating this more thoroughly. The stakes would be high and the conclusion would surely be tragic. Del Toro once said that:

the heartbreak for me is that I know how it ends and I don't know if I want to see that ending.

A choice, perhaps, between his own survival or that of the human race?

Talk about epic.

Talk about drama.

We're pining away at the mere thought of all this but with Hollywood's increased adherence to risk-taking (not to mention Del Toro's seemingly endless slate of films) who knows when, if even at all, this film might see the light of day.

Is there another plotline which you would love to see explored for this grand finale? Tell us all about it below.

[Hellboy 3](movie:466730) remains a mystery but we'll keep you posted when we can.

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