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SPOILER WARNING! This article concerns elements of X-Men: Days if Future Past which could be considered spoilers for anyone who has yet to see the film. Read on in caution.

Prior to the release of [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942), Anna Paquin's character, Rogue, appeared just as prominently as some of the other X-Men in marketing for the movie. For example, she received her own character poster, just like the more central characters of the film. However, when it actually came to seeing the film in theaters, all we got of Rogue was a tiny cameo in the 'good future' of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Indeed, she didn't even have a line of dialogue.

Now, in a podcast interview, writer Simon Kinberg has revealed that there was various deleted scenes which expanded upon an entire Rogue subplot. Kinberg claims the story was cut because it slowed down the main narrative, but explained the story was good on paper, and good when they filmed it.

When asked by the host, Jeff Goldsmith, if any of the deleted material would appear on the Blu-Ray release, there was a very brief pause followed by Goldsmith stating "Okay, good", implying Kinberg had provided a non-verbal yes.

Of course, we can't be entirely sure what went down during the podcast, but this does seem like a tentative confirmation that Rogue's role could appear in the home release cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past, or at the very least, appear on the special features.

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