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The story of Heroes is quite a sad one, and I don't mean the actual storyline, but the story of the actual show. When Heroes first debuted, it was the only show people were talking about. I remember the faces of its stars were plastered on billboards, posters and satellite company vans all around my hometown, then sometime around Season 2 people just tuned off - myself included.

Heroes managed to limp towards a fourth season before it was cancelled for its plummeting ratings. However, the story didn't end there, as it is now being continued in a new rebooted mini-series, [Heroes: Reborn](series:926825), which is planned for 2015.

We were unsure about how much of a clean slate Heroes: Reborn would be, whether it would continue with the original cast or start completely fresh with new faces. Well today we received some new casting news which suggested it could partly be the former. Jack Coleman, who played HRG (AKA Noah Bennet) in the original series, is confirmed to be returning to the show - in presumably the same role.

As an agent for The Company, it does make sense for Bennet's character to be involved in a new series, and there are potentially many different ways he could be used. Currently we know little about the new plot, although it is said to follow a new stand-alone storyline.

But who else could be returning? Well, we know Zachary Quinto (aka Sylar) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter) are apparently unable to commit to the new series, while Hayden Panettiere recently revealed she didn't even know the show was being rebooted.

But just for fun, let's have a look at three more of the original Heroes cast we'd like to see return in Heroes: Reborn.

Hiro Nakamura - Masi Oka

Despite the fact he was added as a last minute character to the show, Hiro quickly became a fan favorite - primarily because in the beginning he was the only character which seemed to be happy with his abilities. The classic Japanese Otaku, Hiro was always one of the more endearing characters, probably because many fans could associate with the superhero wannabe. As the series continued, his story, like most of the characters became much darker. However, with his time manipulating abilities there must be some kind of way of inserting him into this new storyline - if only in a small cameo role. Oh, and he can bring Ando along too.

Claire Bennet - Hayden Panettiere

Sure, she might not have known about the series a few months ago, but with the first casting announcement only just released, there's no reason to suggest she hasn't been considered for Heroes: Reborn. The character of Claire was certainly of central importance during the entire run, with the tagline of Heroes originally being "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World". Furthermore, with the inclusion of HRG - who was Claire's adoptive father - there's plenty of opportunities to throw Claire into the mix, especially considering she's had plenty of interaction with The Company.

Adam Monroe/Takezo Kensei - David Anders

For some, the moment Heroes started to visit feudal Japan was when it started its downward spiral. Personally, I quite liked these scenes, especially when we were introduced to Adam Monroe - an immoral British dude who went around kicking up a storm in various global Civil Wars. Now, I know Adam doesn't exactly make it to Heroes' cancellation point, but we do get to see him in a Season 4 hallucination courtesy of Hiro. With this mind, plus some time-travel mumbo-jumo, perhaps we do get to see the 400-year-old adventurer again? He was certainly one of the more interesting antagonists, if not overall characters, in the show.

What do you think? Who else would you like to see return for Heroes: Reborn?


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