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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Maggie Siff talked about the death of her [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186) character Tara. She spoke at length about various things on the production but ultimately she wished every action to be true to her character and true to Jax. She also explains that her favorite scene was in fact the 'park scene' which featured in her final episode.

Here's what she had to say below:

For me, the question was really, am I really afraid that he’s going to kill me? And I think Charlie felt similarly: is this really a consideration? Having to dig and find that place where that could be true was the hard work of the episode — finding all of the love that she had for this man in addition to the terror that she has arrived at. So that was some of my conversation with Kurt. And then I also knew it was, for myself, really the last significant scene that you would ever really see between them. There’s the scene in the hotel room and some stuff that follows, but the life of those characters together kind of culminates in that scene. It felt particularly significant for that reason.

In relation to the question over whether her character and Jax would ever get back together and the ambiguity on whether he was going to kill her in the hotel scene; she gave us a bit of an insight.

I don’t believe that the intention was to make you think twice about whether or not he was going to kill her. I think we wanted to show that they find each other again before she is taken...
...Kurt wanted it to be a very Romeo and Juliet moment, for the tragedy to be that she’s snatched away just when they’ve found each other again. So I think what we were playing was the tentativeness of touching each other again... you see them in the beginnings of something resembling the start of happiness.

She spoke a little further on the fan's reaction to her death in the show and there have been some surprising, quite sweet and down right strange responses to her exit.

I’m not a big social media person, but in terms of what people have said to me out and about on the street, I get everything from, “I can’t believe they killed you off. How could they do that? I’m done!” to “You had to go.” I saw Katey the other day, and she said she went to a fan gathering, and people were coming up to her with carving forks to sign. People have different investments in different characters, but people were definitely shocked and upset to some degree or other.

With relation to the latest season, Maggie said that she had not read the scripts and would prefer to watch it television stating that:’s going to be weird and kind of great to just watch it.

So how did you feel about Tara's death?


Tara's Death?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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