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Bearing in mind that we now all know that Game of Thrones is one of the most brutal shows around and that being a series regular doesn't guarantee any character immunity against being killed in a very horrific way, this week's season finale of the HBO show wasn't all that surprising...

Still, the fight that went down between Gwendoline Christie's Brienne of Tarth and Rory McCann's Hound was a real shocker. After a chance meeting, the pair clash over Arya Stark, whom Brienne has been sent to rescue and whom the Hound has, it seems, taken under his protection. I wish they'd established that the Hound was severely weakened from his previous wound because, as tough as Brienne is, I didn't buy her taking the Hound in a fight.

Still, talking about preparation for the ferocious fight scene (anyone else wince at the Hound's merciless crotch kick!?), Christie commented in a recent interview that:

It was glorious. It was epic. It was something mythical. But also, being a fan of the show, fighting against the Hound…Rory, as the actor, is a glorious, generous, funny, warm, wonderful person, and in the costume and makeup, I look at him and when he’s acting I’m confronted with a very frightening killer.

McCann also chipped in, saying that he thought Christie was more than capable of holding her own when filming the battle:

She became really, really strong and there was no pretending. She was fantastic. I feel like I’ve been in a real fight, I really do. I know I’ll be limping for a while.

I'm guessing a scene like that takes longer than a few days to de-sear itself from your brain, but for the sadists among you, here's the fight again:

So why did Arya not kill the Hound? Kind of a dick move, don'tcha think? I'm secretly hoping he's not really dead. They never showed him actually dying and sure, he was messed up pretty bad, alone in the middle of nowhere. But no actual death scene? Hmm.

As for Lady Stoneheart? That's a story for another day...


What did you think of the fight between Brienne and the Hound?

(Source: ComicBook)


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