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Note, Game of Thrones SPOILERS right from the outset...

Lena Headey is a woman with a very particular sense of humor. Sometimes that can lead to wonderful things - like her Twitter account, and her complete and utter unwillingness to filter herself on it. Her character Cersei on Game of Thrones is another fine example of how fantastic the results can be.

Other times, though, it can just be cruel. Specifically, to us. All of us.

Headey has seemingly perfected the art of trolling us all, and she's doing it in no small amount of style.

Recognize this?

Well, Headey Instagrammed that back in April. Fans of the show will notice that it spoils...absolutely nothing about the season finale. You can read all about that here, but the gist of it is that Headey teased a character's appearance - which then never came through.

Of course, she never said that it was, in fact a spoiler at all. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel, Headey suggested that instead:

"[T]hat was me drunk in Palm Springs going this is so pretty".

The thing is, this isn't her first time playing the Spoiler Game (of Thrones).

In that same interview, Kimmel asked Headey about massively spoiling an earlier incident involving a certain Red Viper, and, well... Take a look for yourself:

Yup. That seems strangely familiar. And if it doesn't, just wait till you get to episode 8...

Clearly Lena Headey is messing with us, and I for one am...actually, who am I kidding? She's hilarious.

You keep on trollin', Lena. Just maybe don't ruin anything TOO big...

[Game of Thrones](movie:817617) will return in 2015. And now our watch begins.


What do you guys think? Lena Headey's trolling: Funny or cruel?



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