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In this weeks weird news, Kristen Stewart is reportedly desperate to star in an action movie featuring Demi Moore as her mother... Did I accidentally put magic mushrooms in my morning omelette?!

According to Radar online, KStew is pulling as many strings as she can in the industry to ensure she gets to work with her 'idol', but it's not just admiration at play here...

The source suggests that Stewart is also invested in the idea of acting in the hypothetical movie because it;

Will help both their careers and somewhat depressing public images

Of course the depressing public images that are being not so subtly hinted at by this quote are Kristen's tarnished rep for her 'momentary indiscretion' with director Rupert Sanders, and the catastrophic collapse of Moore's marriage to Ashton Kutcher when he was accused of sleeping with a college student.

Radar Online then goes on to say that Kristen is hell bent on making her dreams a reality. Apparently;

Kristen is making serious noise about befriending Demi, whom she’s worshipped for years, and convincing her they should play a mother-daughter team in a new action comedy

Hahaahah Kristen Stewart in an action comedy? Was this written by The Onion or something? I can't think of a genre less likely to interest the [Clouds of Sils Maria](movie:902082) actress than one that involves such indignities as goofing around on a high wire.

I'm sorry, but if this turns out to be true, I will systematically dismantle my laptop and eat the whole thing in a series of crunchy, mechanical sandwiches.

As if the wildly successful Kristen Stewart who just returned from Cannes in a storm of critical acclaim needs to star in a weird action comedy to save her 'depressing public image'. She seems to be doing just fine to me!

Oh, and if you want something more to laugh at Radar then goes onto claim that;

Stewart was envious of Miley Cyrus because Moore played her mom in the 2012 comedy LOL

Hahahahaahaa, Kristen Stewart jealous of Miley Cyrus AND the critically acclaimed LOL (IMDB 4.1)? Pull the other one, mate!


Would you go and see an action comedy starring Kristen Stewart and Demi Moore?

(Source: Radar Online)

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