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There are fan videos and then are fan films, the difference might seem like a bit of unimportant semantics, but there really is a massive gulf dividing to two. Fan videos usually consist of a bunch of 14 year-olds rolling around in their driveway in badly made costumes with a trial version editing software watermark plastered on top of them. Fan films take it that much further with sets, cameras, lighting and $700 goatees.

The Star Trek Continues gang definitely falls into the latter category. The group of Trekkie enthusiasts, headed up by executive producer and Kirk actor Vic Mignogna, plan to finish off the five year mission of the original Star Trek crew. Although it now stands as an iconic and seminal sci-fi show, the original Star Trek was in fact cancelled in 1969, meaning Kirk and his crew never actually finished their space adventure. Star Trek Continued aims to achieve just this, and now Wired has developed a documentary series based on their efforts.

Titled Obsessed, the series is currently into its second of five short episodes, each of which shows the ridiculous amount of behind the scenes efforts these guys have gone into to authentically recreate the 1960s Star Trek universe. One episode, in particular, concentrates on their painstaking approach to faithfully replicating the design behind Star Trek's famous 'Mirror' universe. Check them out below:

I have to say, these guys are certainly pretty impressive. They seem to have lovingly caught the colorful, campy and slightly off-beat vibe of the 1960s Star Trek series. If you want to watch their work, and they've already completed 3 episodes, make sure to head over to here.

How does Star Trek Continued look to you?


Star Trek Continued...

Source: Wired (via GiantFreakinRobot)


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