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Star Trek Into Darkness might be slowly making its way towards supermarket bargain bins - the inevitable resting place of all movies - but it's still got some surprises up its sleeve.

Take for example this new concept art by conceptual illustrator Alfonso De La Torre. It seems De La Torre was commissioned to produce some concept art for alien creatures which would have been seen during Star Trek Into Darkness' opening scene on Nibiru. We get a look at some alien horses, bugs and fish which were considered, but then ultimately not used, in the final film. Check them out below:

Regarding the 'horses', De La Torre had this to say:

Originally, they wanted to design an alien horse, but in the end they scrapped the idea and I think they used the snow creature from the first movie, but with a different surface treatment.

In this statement, De La Torre is referring to the alien creature stunned by Kirk during the beginning chase - a creature Bones refers to as "their ride".

De La Torre also had this to say about the fishy concept art:

They were meant for the underwater scene where an "alien fish" comes close to the Enterprise and spooks Scotty.

Ultimately, this scene did appear in the final cut, but none of the designs De La Torre developed were used. Sorry Al.

Still these are pretty interesting pieces of concept art, especially the more hybrid creations.

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