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As Warner Bros. announce their staggering slate of superhero films for the next few years, Steven Spielberg suggests there might just be some other things to see in the multiplex in 2015-16.

The movie world's most successful film maker hasn't been on the most spectacular run of late. Aside from the decent, if dusty, Lincoln in 2012 he has arguably been off the boil since Munich and War of the Worlds opened in 2005. That could all be about to change, however, in the coming years.

Spielberg & Hanks to reunite.
Spielberg & Hanks to reunite.

According to The Playlist, Spielberg's as yet untitled [Cold War Thriller](movie:1402817) has been slotted in for release on October 16th, 2015; the same weekend as Del Toro hopes to be scaling his Crimson Peak.

The film reunites Spielberg with his old pal Tom Hanks who has signed on to star. Hanks will play James Donovan; an attorney sent across the Iron Curtain to negotiate the release of an American pilot. The Coen's are tweaking the script. We're very much IN.

Daniel Day Lewis eyes up his 4th Academy Award
Daniel Day Lewis eyes up his 4th Academy Award

Next up for the director, on July 1st 2016, will be his live action remake of [The BFG](movie:1384319) , the beloved children's story from Roald Dahl. E.T. writer Melissa Mathison is on pen duty here for what should be another promising project if they manage to keep the C.G.I. stuff at bay.

So arguably his first political thriller since 2005 and his first live action kids film since Hook in 91'. Plenty in there to get excited about.

Which project are you more interested in seeing? Let us know below.


Cold war thriller or Big Friendly Giant?


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