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Courtney Hunt picked up the Grand Jury prize at Sundance- not to mention an Academy Award nomination for screenwriting- for her debut feature Frozen River back in 2008. Her work since has been exclusively focused on the smaller screen but it still seemed an odd one when Daniel Craig pulled out of her upcoming sophomore effort The Whole Truth two months ago.

The James Bond star abruptly left production a mere four days before filming was scheduled to begin, but it looks now as if Hunt has found another star to take his place. Keanu Reeves will be stepping into Craig's gaping shoes, as Deadline reported last week:

Sources close to the project tell me Reeves will now play the role of a defense attorney who fights to get his teenage client acquitted of murdering his wealthy father.

The shoot was planned to go down in Boston back in April but a new filming location of New Orleans suggests that Reeves will now be playing a southern Lawyer instead. No word on whether Reeves will change his accent... at all.

The two stars' career paths have been going in opposite directions these last ten years. However, we have seen Reeves do the Lawyer thing before in The Devil's Advocate in 97' and with a supporting cast of Renee Zellweger and Gabriel Basso (Kings of Summer), there's plenty of reasons for optimism here.

Who would you have gone for? Let us know below.

[The Whole Truth](movie:1227698) should get to us sometime next year.


Keanu or Craig?


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