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The True Blood season finale is approaching rapidly, but the good people at HBO want to give fans a little something to sink their teeth into before the have to wave goodbye to their favourite show.

A Farewell To Bon Temps is a 27 minute special episode dedicated to waving goodbye to the bloody Southern town, and reminiscing on all that has gone on there.

The [True Blood](series:200767) creator Alan Ball and showrunner Brian Buckner gathered with the cast to but also to tell stories about their time on the set and to talk about the ending of their long running series.

Check out the video special for yourself below;

Isn't it great to see so many series regulars out of character? They all look so different!

If you didn't have 27 minutes to burn on the video, here is a quick rundown of the highlights for you:

  • Buckner was ecstatic that Anna Paquin was interested in the role of Sookie because he thought that she was “too big for this"
  • Paquin had to dye her hair blond for the role of Sookie Stackhouse and Bucker was terrified she would refuse.
  • The show initially had a hard time casting Bill. At the time, Stephen Moyer had been fired from a pilot and was planning on giving up, but after he read the pilot he decided to send a casting tape from England
  • Alexander Skarsgård had originally auditioned as Bill
  • Steven Moyer reminisced about falling in love with Paquin on set. He said "I met Anna [Paquin] that first day, and you don’t expect to meet the person that you’re gonna get married to on the job that you’re doing". Awwww!

So, there you have it! Let me know if I missed anything else exciting.


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