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When Warner Brothers recently announced a spin off to The Lego Movie, in addition to it's sequel, we here at Moviepilot were...wary. The prospect of a Ninjago movie (for that is what was announced) was one that failed to fill the air with quite the same number of dream-like happiness fairies as that of another slice of direct-sequel Lego Movie brilliance.

Luckily for us all, it looks as though all of our fears may well have been in vain. A brand new video teaser attached to The Lego Movie's Blu Ray release suggests that not only could Ninjago match up to the original movie - it could do so while featuring even more hilarious meta-referencing fun:

You can check it out below:

I'm still laughing at the panda bit now.

Obviously one promotional video is no guarantee of the ultimate quality of the film - but it's good to see that the filmmakers have retained a sense of humor about the whole thing. With Phil Lord and Chris Miller producing, the signs are at least goog - and if there's any franchise that could hold itself above the dangerous lava of shameless consumerism, it's The Lego Movie. Here's hoping!

[Ninjago](movie:1025772) is currently set for release September 23, 2016.


What do you guys think? Ninjago looking good to you?



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