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The new 'fangirl' orientated Image Comic creation Rat Queens is apparently heading towards an animated television show with the help of Weta Workshop's Pukeko Pictures and Heavy Metal.

The comic-book series, which was nominated for the 2014 Eisner Award for Best New Series, features a gang of kick-ass female adventurers brought to life by Kurtis J. Wiebe and artist Roc Upchurch. Unfamiliar with the Rat Queens? Well, according to Variety, Rat Queens consists of:

Hannah the Rockabilly elven mage, Violet the hipster dwarven fighter, Dee the atheist human cleric and Betty the hippy smidgen thief — who are hired to kill monsters and other beasts.

Want to see these guys in action? Well, here's some cover art:

Heavy Metal CEO Jeff Krelitz had this to say about the venture:

Rat Queens is a standout in the marketplace as a diving rod [sic] for fangirls, a market as yet untouched by most comics publishers. It is not only perfect for the TV space, but much needed.

Currently, Heavy Metal and Meta are negotiating a tone and style for the show before officially pitching Rat Queens to networks as a 30-minute program.


Does Rat Queens sound like something you'd be into?

Source: Variety


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