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You might have noticed something new appear online yesterday. Well, several million new things, most likely, but for now lets focus on one new thing in particular: DreamWorksTV, which just launched on YouTube.

Intended as a major new original family content destination (or, free of jargon, a place to watch videos with your kids for free), the new channel, aimed at 6-11 year olds, is intended to open up a whole new marketplace for the DreamWorks family of brands.

From initial appearances, it's essentially a hyperactive YouTube channel - but with uncharacteristically large quantities of original content from the studio. It's ultimate aims are loftier, though. As Brian Robbins, whose AwesomenessTV was the starting point for what has now become DreamWorksTV, puts it:

‘‘This is really about building the cable channel of tomorrow...What we think is happening digitally is that the next generation of those brands will be born out of this digital revolution that’s going on.’’

Which has all been said countless times before, but it's notable that an established brand like DreamWorks is willing to throw its hat into the ring of as young a medium - and potentially as risky a venture - as this.

What it means in the short term, though, is that the Shrek, Puss in Boots and Kung Fu Panda franchises will likely be found on the YouTube channel from now on - as opposed to on more traditional Network television. The franchises will cohabit with new live action and animated shows, with new content set to appear daily. The question is, though, does this mark the beginning of a fundamental shift away from traditional Network television, and towards the Internet as a primary entertainment medium?

Or alternatively, did that shift happen years ago, and everyone's just now playing catch up?

Someone should probably reach out to Netflix for comment...

Either way, if you're looking for an absolute ton of Shrek and Kung Fu Panda related content, you can check DreamWorksTV out right here.

[Kung Fu Panda 3](movie:458981) is set for release in 2015, though sadly probably not exclusively on DreamWorksTV...


What do you guys think? Is the Internet the entertainment medium of the future?



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