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The Craig Ferguson voiced Gobber the Belch works in the Armory in Berk, having lost a couple of limbs in a fight with a dragon. He's a loyal friend to Hiccup's father Stoik and provides a bit of comic relief to proceedings too. At one point in his latest outing in Dean DeBlois' How to Train Your Dragon 2, Stoick and Valka have a minor squabble, prompting Gobber to say:

This is why I never married. This and one other reason.

A throwaway moment which is never elaborated on but a telling one none the less. It shouldn't be so significant in this day and age but as things currently stand in the world it is worth noting. Is Deblois suggesting that Gobber is gay? The answer, it would seem, is Yes.

The director has revealed that Ferguson ad-libbed the line, and it was he who decided to keep it in.

The nice thing that Craig brought to it is, it’s such a hand-off line that I think for the older members of the audience, it’ll take them a moment to realize, like, ‘Did he just say what I think he said?’ and then you’re moving on. [The movie] treats it like normalcy, and that’s what I really like about it. Because I’m a gay man, and I don’t draw attention to myself for that reason.

The director notes that in screen tests so far it's gone down very well. He also discusses how it should really not be that big of a deal:

Particularly in 2014. It’s so prevalent out there, in TV shows and movies. It’s the norm, as it should be. I’m proud of it. It contributes to the daring and progressive quality of the storytelling of this [planned] trilogy.

It is a pleasantly surprising line and Deblois deals with the moment with the utmost dignity.

Should there be more of this sort of thing or perhaps less words written about it? Let us know how you felt about it in the comments section below.

[How to Train Your Dragon 2](movie:44736) is in theatres now.

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Is this really such a big deal?


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