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Well anyone who looks at my profile knows how much I enjoy writing about CW's [Arrow](series:720988). With season 3 coming soon I wanted to make a list of character I wish would join the show in season 3. Now for anyone who reads the other articles they will see some names pop up again, but this list will incorporate story lines from season 2 as evidence for the need for these characters.

1. Wildcat

Someone needs to help Laurel make the jump to full fledged Black Canary. Oliver seems to not want Laurel to get involved in the crime fighting, so she will need another route. Wildcat can be the person to get Laurel where she needs to be physically to fill the shoes her sister left behind.

2. Queen Bee

The new chapter Arrow starts can connect some loose threads. There was some discussion of H.I.V.E in earlier seasons of Arrow. With the organization should come Queen Bee as one of the bigger villains of the season. China White and Isabel have been the biggest female villains so far, but I think the show needs a female as the Big Bad. I think it is time.

3. Cheshire

Roy needs an arc of his own that does not include him going crazy on some drug. We need to learn who Roy is and that character development can happen with Cheshire. This character was on my list last year as well, but now I think it is more important. I think Malcolm is going to train Thea to become Cheshire and the character will be born. This character is supposed to be involved in Roy Harper's life in a major way. I always thought she would be an obstacle for Roy and Thea, but after the season 2 finale I realized it could be Thea. Artemis is another option, but with the darkness in Thea's character Cheshire is the more probable option.

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4. The Question

I am going to want The Question until I get The Question. Not only would his low tech approach be a nice contrast to Felicity's high tech approach, he could pass his investigative skills to Felicity. This way she can be in on the action more without having to fight alongside the rest of Team Arrow because I think it seems out of character for her. More importantly Huntress has started her road to redemption. I know there have been Nightwing rumors and I like the idea because I do not want what happened to Smallville to happen on Arrow. The group of heroes need to be regulars or heavily recurring so they can be there regularly. We also need to meet them and care about them, so they can have a place on the team. Characters like Nightwing, The Question and Huntress are important because when Team Arrow needs back up they can have it. It was already somewhat of a problem in the season 2 finale when Sara needed to trade herself to Nyssa to get the help they needed to stop Slade.

Who else should be in Arrow Season 3?


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