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Valar Morghulis - all men must die!

While this Bravosian idiom turned out to be especially true in the fourth season of Game of Thrones, dying in a hit television show has one upside... at least for the actor playing the deceased.

You tend to get plenty of juicy roles in the aftermath.

As we thought you might miss some of the faces that didn't manage to weather the massacre, we prepared this little list.

Showcased are the actors who won't return for season five of Game of Thrones, plus what they are doing instead.

The following is obviously full of big fat SPOILERS.

Charles Dance - Tywin Lannister

Screen veteran Charles Dance delivered a bald acting class as the resourceful, remorseless patriarch - before digestion and a vengeful offspring conspired against him. He'll be missed.

But Dance's memorable Westeros excursion should have reminded us what a brilliant actor he is. Accordingly, his upcoming roles are prestigious stuff.

First he's going to play a tough British Intelligence Officer in the WW2 drama The Imitation Game. Although the movie's main star is Benedict Cumberbatch, I am sure Dance will steal a scene or two.

But [The Imitation Game](movie:267965) isn't the only WW2-related project on the horizon for Dance. He'll support Academy Award winner Helen Mirren in [The Woman in Gold](movie:1317444), a post-war courtroom drama co-starring Max Irons, Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Brühl.

If you're afraid of losing the deep-voiced thespian to the big screen however, worry not, couch potatoes. He'll star in [Deadline Gallipoli](series:1518761), an Australian mini-series about, you guessed it, the World War. The first one though, this time.

Sibell Kekilli - Shae

That bitch!

You probably had thoughts along those lines during the last moment's of Sibel Kekilli's memorable performance in Game of Thrones.

Or not. Kekilli managed to transform what is a highly unlikeable character in George R. R Martin's books into a vulnerable, loving woman - which made Shae's actions in season 4 seem even more... problematic.

So... what is Kekilli up to next?

The German actress is still occupied playing one of the leads in the crime series Tatort (which roughly translates to "crime scene") , a HUGE show in her home country.

Although she hasn't lined up any international projects, this seems only a matter of time. If you manage to excel for two seasons next to Peter Dinklage, you should be able to achieve anything.

Rose Leslie - Ygritte

In her lovely (according to some actual Northeners not necessarily accurate) Northern English accent, Rose Leslie taught us a great many things as the free-spirited and tough Ygritte, chief among them that Jon Snow indeed knows nothing.

Sometime in 2015, Leslie's star potential will be tested in the tearjerker-y sounding drama [Sticky Notes](movie:1477412) in which plays the daughter to Ray Liotta's estranged, dying father. The movie is written and directed by newcomer Amanda Harlib.

Pedro Pascal - Oberyn Martell

Pedro Pascal probably delivered THE performance of season 4. He also suffered the most horrifying death. In short: he made quite the impression.

If his performance of the flamboyant, vengeful, and ultimately honorable Oberyn Martell is anything to go by, the Chilean actor will have a prosperous career indeed.

Let's see what Hollywood has in store for him!

While his two upcoming movies - the indie drama Sweets and the horror comedy Blooksucking Bastards - seem somewhat negligible, Pascal's next television gig is a whole other matter.

In the Netflix series Narcos, Pascal will try to bring down legendary down drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Maura) as DEA agent Javier Peña.

Netflix has a pretty good track record with their original material (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black). Here's hoping [Narcos](series:1312371) isn't the exception!

Mark Stanley - Grenn

Mark Stanley had a couple of nicely heroic moments towards the end of his Game of Thrones gig in Episode 9. Fighting a giant should bode well for what is to come.

And that is...

A supporting role in the John Le Carré adaptation, Our Kind of Traitor. Not having read the book, I can't say how big Stanley's role as "Ollie" is. But it's a prestige project which a pretty darn good cast (Ewan McGregor, Naomi Harris, Stellan Skarsgard). Mark Stanley should be well taken care of.

Roy McCann - Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane

Phew. I am still reeling from The Hound's last scene.

Roy McCann had many of the season's best lines (lots of them involving a certain c-word), and his relationship with Arya was complex, funny and ultimately heartbreaking. What a shame!

Luckily, McCann's next project is highly intriguing - at least for a western aficionado like me. The towering thespian will star alongside the great Michael Fassbender in Slow West.

The movie is still flying very much under everyone's radar. But the classy cast (The Road's Kodi Smit-McPhee and character actor extraordinaire Ben Mendelsohn co-star) and a promising young filmmaker (acclaimed short film director John Maclean) make my great movie sense tingle with a vengeance.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster - Jojen Reed

Jojen sure had a very secure send-off. Stabbed by a skeleton, mercy-killed by his sister and then blown to pieces by some sort of holy hand grenade - we can rest assured: he probably is dead.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster though is very much alive, co-starring in the next YA hopeful [The Maze Runner](movie:575895) and lending his voice to the reboot of the British cult series [Thunderbirds Are Go!](series:856653)

Both projects positively sound holy hand grenade-free.

Jack Gleason - Joffrey Lannister

Jack Gleason was utterly fantastic as the sadistic, cowardly King Joffrey, one of the most hateable TV show characters in recent memory.

That's why it's strange indeed that Gleason hasn't lined up a load of new projects. What the hell Hollywood?!

Their watch is over - but their career has (hopefully) just begun!


Who will you miss most?


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