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If this isn't BREAKING NEWS for any Avengers fan, then I don't know what is. Mark Ruffalo sat down with Digital Spy to talk about his latest film Begin Again. I'm sure he was asked questions while promoting that film, but who reading this article even cares about those topics? What we care about is HULK, and he was not shy by any means to drop hints about a possible solo Hulk film.

Mark Ruffalo confirmed that Marvel Studios is in fact considering a solo outing for the Rage Monster:

"I think they are, for the first time, entertaining the idea of it," Ruffalo told Digital Spy. "When we did The Avengers it was basically 'No!', and now there is some consideration for it. But there's still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be. I look forward to going down that road, if we could crack that nut."

Ruffalo was also asked about Banner and Stark's relationship for upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. He assures us that:

"There's lots of 'Science Bros. stuff"..."There's some cool Science Bros stuff... very cool stuff"

Holy Sh*t! I wonder what story Marvel would consider for Hulk? My guess is Planet Hulk. All signs are pointing toward this arc. Hulk is uncontrollable and in this story, the Avengers are puzzled with the tough choice to cast out their friend. He ends up crash landed on another planet way out of our solar system and there his story continues. Maybe they might decide to World War Hulk? Or, they could also possibly just expand on the character; continue the ending of The Incredible Hulk with the Leader being the main antagonist?

Whatever story they decide to tell, Hulk was by far the break-out star in The Avengers (2012). While, I liked The Incredible Hulk (2008), it wasn't so well received by fans. Maybe after the success of Age of Ultron, Feige and co. will green light a solo Hulk film.

See Mark Ruffalo suit up in Avengers: Age of Ultron May 1, 2015.

Source: DigitalSpy


What Hulk story would you like to see on film?


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