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With all the fuss about Batman v. Superman and the TV series Gotham, I thought it was time to make my opinion public on what characters should be included in Batman's world. Whether it would be a villain, sidekick or new girlfriend, the follow characters need to be included in the Batman Reboot or Gotham. This is all based on opinion and I hope you guys enjoy!

Number 10: Scarface and Ventriloquist

Let's be honest. Seeing Batman fight a puppet would be major bad-a**! Arnold Wesker is a quite and shy man. He was born into a mafia family and witnessed his mother get killed by a rival family. His only way of expressing himself now is through his puppet Scarface.

That would make for a cool little villain origin. In my opinion, this villain would make for a good character in Gotham. Gotham centers mainly around the police and crime, so maybe we could show his mom getting killed and him as a young boy leading into him becoming the Ventriloquist. Or he could straight up be in a Batman movie, either way I would love to see him on screen.

Number 9: Jason Todd

Some of you are saying who? Well he is the second Robin in the Batman comics. Why not reboot Dick Grayson? Because Jason Todd has an incredible story! He has the same story as Dick (he is from a killed acrobatic family), but has a way different ending. SPOILERS! In 1988, Robin (Jason Todd) was brutally killed by the Joker. Now just think of seeing that on the big screen. Watching a hero get murdered with a crowbar! But, years later he comes back as the anti-hero Red Hood.

That to me just sounds like an awesome series of Batman movies, the fall and rise of Robin! It's just my opinion, but if there going to put Robin in a movie, why not choose Todd!

Number 8: The Riddler

The picture above is the Riddler I want to see. Not to cheesy, but not to dark and serious. Edward Nigma is a brilliant man who has no supernatural characteristics like Batman. He is just a smart man that can solve any puzzle. He was finally brought to the screen in Batman Forever played by Jim Carrey. The performance was pretty damn good and I would love to see someone else try to top it.

He already appeared in Gotham as Nigma, not the Riddler yet, which was not to bad. But, I hope they get to the point where he becomes his alter ego. But, what I CRAVE the most is that he is the main villain in a Batman movie. Possibly played by Johnny Depp or Matthew Gray Gubler, that would be amazing.

Number 7: Nightwing

That poster is pretty bad-a** in my opinion, but anyway, we already talked about how Jason Todd replaced Dick Grayson as Robin. But, Dick Grayson left the roll of Robin to join the Teen Titans and later became Nightwing.

Nightwing has been teased a total of 3 times in a Batman movie. Batman Forever, Batman and Robin and The Dark Knight Rises. In the Dark Knight Rises when Blake holds up his badge, a Nightwing logo can be seen. So now that Warner Bros. teased it, make it happen! But, a upcoming fan made series called Nightwing: The Series is going to fulfill our dreams. But, I also want a solo movie or him to be in a Batman movie, I'm just saying!

Number 6: Mister Freeze

One of you way know that there is a video game series called the Arkham Series and the picture above is of Mister Freeze. Now when I first played this game and saw Mister Freeze, it literally was super scary. He was very creepy looking, sounding and walked like a serial killer. And that is actually what I CRAVE for him to be like in a Batman movie. He is also going to be in Gotham, probably not as Mister Freeze, but his doctor alter ego.

I want an in depth origin story for Victor Freeze and I want him to be a huge, intimidating figure. Not some guy who says, "Alright everyone, CHILL", I want some serious and "chilling" one-liners. And I hope that add him into the Batman Reboot.

Number 5: Hush

Who? One of Bruce Wayne's childhood friends, Dr. Thomas Elliot is a skilled surgeon, marksman and fighter. He taught Bruce the fighting technique of thinking what your opponents would do. He is also one of the few people who knows Bruce is Batman. But, he grew a hatred of Bruce when they were younger when Bruce got the family fortune and Elliot didn't get anything from his parents (until he killed them and burned their will). Elliot has performed surgery on his self and made his face look like Bruce Wayne's.

Not only is he a bad-a** character, but he is the center of an incredible Batman story line. When Hush teams with Riddler, they have a plan to kill Bruce Wayne. They recruit Clayface, Joker, Two-Face, Killer Croc and some others. This could be a great way to introduce all those villains in a new Batman movie and make Batman fight his greatest battle ever. Hush is a key member and needs to be in a Batman movie or in Gotham as young Bruce's best friend.

Number 4: Bane

I know that we just got Bane two years ago and it was great! But, I want a perfect Bane. In Batman and Robin, Bane was seen has a super big and strong, but dumb villain. In Dark Knight Rises, he was seen as kinda big and strong, but is very smart. In the comics Bane is seen as super huge and one of the smartest ever. In the Arkham Series Bane is seen as that and that's what needs to be done in a movie. It's not that hard and I really CRAVE that, so make it happen Warner Bros.!

Number 3: Scarecrow

Don't get me wrong, I loved every ounce of the Dark Knight Trilogy except for Scarecrow. It was just a guy in a crappy mask and a suit who didn't even put up a fight. Now the picture above is from the Arkham Series and shows a totally creepy and bad-a** look to Scarecrow. This is exactly what he deserves to look like in a Batman movie. Nothing more needs to be said, but he deserves a reboot!

Number 2: Black Mask

Roman Sionis was born into the wealthy world of Gotham City. Having a very similar origin story to Hush, Roman was hated by his parents and ended up killing them by burning down their mansion. What's different though is, Roman actually inherited the family fortune and becoming leader of the Gotham underworld. Not only that, but while visiting his parent's grave, he was struck by a bolt of lighting and went head first to a grave. He took that moment as his "rebirth" and carved a black mask out of his father's casket.

I know, that's some heavy stuff. But, you can't lie saying you wouldn't want to see this on the big screen (or small screen). In all honesty, Black Mask might work better in Gotham TV show, because the whole show is based on crime, which is Black Mask specialty. They might have to pull strings on his origin story to squeeze him on the show, but I think it would work perfectly.

Number 1: Kite Man

Just messing with you guys! If I saw him on any Batman movie or show, I would literally throw a brick at my television. That would be just horrible!

Number 1: Deathstroke

I bet some were surprised that Joker wasn't number one. Which you shouldn't because they need to let Heath Ledger's Joker live on for awhile longer before rebooting him.

Anyway, Slade Wilson was an illegal soldier in the army at the age of 16. He was given a supersoldier serum (kind of like Captain America) which gave him enhanced abilities and even a healing factor. His wife trying to kill him for letting a criminal slash his son's throat making him mute, shot his right eye which is why there is only one eye whole in his mask.

He is most notably known for being the arch-enemy of Robin and the Teen Titans, but he is also a villain to our Dark Knight. Deathstroke should be used for a movie not the show (mainly because he is already in Arrow). I would absolutely love to see Deathstroke hunting down Batman for money and the both of them fighting each other like total bad-a****! It would make for a great and epic movie for the DC Cinematic universe!

So which villain do you want to see in Gotham or the next Batman Movie? Tell me in the comments, take the poll and don't forget to follow me for more Top 10 Lists, CRAVE lists and Pollurnaments! Thanks for reading!


What villain do you CRAVE for the next Batman movie or for Gotham?


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