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Plot : Peter Parker is struggling to balance his life as Peter Parker and Spider-Man , while Peter is having a hard time with his Lady love , Spider-man has to deal with a bunch of villains in a battle of Friendship , Trust and Betrayal.

Actors :-

Andrew Garfield maintains the difference between his performance between the Prequel and Sequel from a Bully to a High School Graduate perfectly , This is where Garfield differentiates his performance from Tobby Maguire . While Toby played a little less matured Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2 . Now I don't blame Tobby Maguire , he gave one of his finest performances but Andrew made a difference in maturity while growing up , Unlike Toby's attitude change on Spider-Man 3 , This one looked pretty natural than his . Now Emma Stone , U all know her already , There can't be anyone better suitable to play Gwen Stacy than her . As she is also the Off-screen Girl friend of Andrew Garfield , Their Chemistry worked out pretty well . Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn / Green Goblin , well many of you guys might not agree with me but He is the perfect casting for this role . Some may say he is not better than James Franco but guess what people , He played a better Harry Osborn looked more vulnerable as Harry then Franco who tried tried his best but eventually Dane's Performance outperformed his , Even as the Green Goblin , Dane portrayed the changeover from a vulnerable Harry to a Evil Green Goblin to perfection . Chris Cooper and Paul Giamatti didn't have much scope to perform so lets ignore them , Now finally the Villain Oscar Winning actor Jamie Fox as Max Dillon , Now this has where the film has a problem he did his role a Sidelined , Under Rated and Ignored Electrical Engineer well but when it comes to Electro , he could do nothing to save the role because of the VFX Flaws.

Technical Aspects :-

Let me finish this shortly to compensate for the long actors performance analysis , All technical Aspects we are perfect in this film except The Electro digital makeup he looked so unreal as like he gave us a feel watching a video game rather than live-action film .

Screenplay and Direction :-

I seriously don't know Why people blame the Screenwriters and Directors for Overcrowding the plot , I mean they actually balanced the number of characters and gave all of them significant roles to play with the exception of Rhino whose Introduction could have been saved for the next installment . All their hard adaptation screen works were mercilessly ruined by the worst ever marketing business tactics of Sony , I mean who the hell would reveal all the important scenes as teasers , and expect the audience to believe there is even something left to watch in theaters . But despite that this spidey film has earned more than $700 Million Worldwide with a Budget of $330 Million which very well comprises of the Production and Marketing costs combined , that is a huge commercial success . So my humble request to all those who hate this film is please don't lose faith on this rebooted franchise , its just been having a bad time with a little franchise fatigue and bad marketing but it still chances to exist provided that you Spider Maniacs don't lose faith on him . Keep Calm and believe in The Amazing Spider-man.


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