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86,500 people were at the Colorado Convention Center last weekend for Denver Comic Con. A mind-boggling number that proves we geeks have truly inherited the earth.

Amongst that crowd was professional cosplayer Erin Lei (Red Star Cosplay). Erin attended the event on Sunday as an amazing Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series.

The Project-Nerd Cosplay team captured a great gallery with her and we are excited to work with her again in the future.

She even wore the Cyborg Arm for some of the show. The amazing prop was created by Team Detty Cosplay.

The costume was Bruce Campbell approved. Ash himself was a Denver Comic Con guest this year and he signed off on this awesome costume in a way only Bruce Campbell can.

You can find more on Red Star Cosplay at her social media pages:

And Project-Nerd will have more Denver Comic Con coverage for you soon!


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