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Not a huge video game person, but my friend knows I like adventure games and got me the new [Tomb Raider](movie:203307) game. I remember playing the old ones when I was a kid and enjoying myself. Not my favorite childhood video game, but it was fun. The difference between those games and the new one was how visually amazing the game was. I got to thinking about how good a movie that game would make. A young woman exploring a far away land for some treasure and getting into some serious trouble along the way. Has the makings of a pretty great franchise, right? Watching the explorer becoming more and more bad ass leading closer to the version of Lara Croft that Angelina Jolie played.

Here is who I am thinking could play her:

Emma Watson

She has shown recently her willingness to try new things. Both The Bling Ring and This is the End that she play a variety of characters. While a franchise may not be what she is looking for at the moment a standalone Tomb Raider film could work because not everything needs to be a massive franchise. Also Watson does look the part.

Emily Blunt

Action is not something Blunt is worried about. Looper and [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902) have shown her ability to take on these action roles quite well. I think her acting ability and her willingness to take on action roles make her a great choice for the famed role.

Camilla Luddington

Another woman who definitely looks the part. Currently playing the tough guy intern on Grey's Anatomy she has shown that she can jump into something with big expectations. Luddington also did the voice the character in the video game, so maybe she should jump to the front of the line.

Emilia Clarke

Who better than Daenerys Targaryen? Her role on [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) shows how well she can handle a very powerful female character. Also her role in the new [Terminator](series:1196463) franchise shows that she does not shy away from huge, challenging roles and this is one that could show her overall acting ability.

Elizabeth Olsen

Another up and coming actress who could use a starring vehicle of her own. Olsen being in Oldboy, [Godzilla](movie:45291) and taking on the role of Scarlet Witch shows she takes big swings. I think Tomb Raider could be a good next role for the actress.

Janet Montgomery

I am a huge Janet Montgomery fan and I think she need something to shoot her into the public eye more in terms of her career. Mainly making television programs, Human Target in the past and currently starring in Salem, the jump to film may be the right next move for her. She looks the part and she is just great. Montgomery would make an excellent choice.

Kaya Scodelario

This actress deserves her big break! Skins was a great role for her, but she has been trying to break into the film industry for a while. Scodelario has been a contender for many young adult adaptations in recent years, she made her desire for the role of Katniss fairly clear. She will be playing the female lead in Maze Runner, but I think [Tomb Raider](movie:203307) would make a good starring vehicle.

Tatiana Maslany

I think she could play anyone honestly, and Orphan Black is phenomenal, but I think everyone should know who Maslany is. She is a chameleon who can play pretty much any role and her show is evidence of exactly that. Also on the show she has done some action scenes, but I think she could really show what she is capable of in this role!

What do you think of my picks? Any other suggestions?


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