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You can take this little nugget of news with a grain of salt...for now. But we were tweeted this afternoon some intriguing news regarding Dimension and, the Weinstein Company's Scream 5. As most of you know by now, ever since Scream 4's theatrical release back in 2011, all has been quiet on the Ghostface front. Last we heard...the film could "possibly" happen. But, the brothers Weinstein were split on moving ahead with doing another one.

That is, until today when we received the following Tweet from Twitter user Tyler Campbell. Who states:

"@MrHorror @wescraven and @kevwilliamson just got greenlite!"

So is "Scream 5" a go? With Kev and Wes back in the saddle again? We'll have to look into this bit of news somewhat further, before we can confirm another return to Woodsboro for more stalking and slashing.

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