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Rumors are brewing thick around Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ superhero movie plans; the last few days have brought rumors that paint of very ambitious portrait for the evolving DC Cinematic Universe. A rumored lineup of DC movies point to upwards of three films hitting theaters per year, including everything from sequels (Man of Steel 2) and big team films (Justice League), to more art house prestige material (Sandman) – to unique hero team-up events (Batman V Superman and a rumored Flash/Green Lantern film).

In all these plans, however, was a notable absence: Aquaman. The character has quietly been positioned for mainstream exposure (comic relaunches, big debuts in the animated universe, etc.), but his long-rumored feature-film has not yet confirmed – nor has the long-standing rumor that Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa has quietly been cast as the King of Atlantis.

UPDATE: THR is now confirming the earlier report that Momoa has been cast to play Aquaman in the DC Movie Universe, starting with his introduction in Dawn of Justice.

A website dropped a pretty juicy rumor report regarding the Aquaman situation – specifically how the character will be introduced into the DC movie universe. Needless to say, if you do not want details on how this is going to happen, then SPOILER ALERT – MAJOR DCU REVEALS MAY FOLLOW. HERE PLEASE

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