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"Vampire Academy" and "Comedy".

Three words that should undoubtedly NOT be in the same sentence together, so why are they?

Well, ladies and gents, fangirls, VAFamily and anyone else who's happened across this article, the blame for their pairing lies at the feet of the folks over at the Teen Choice Awards.

They've taken one look at Vampire Academy,

One look at the fans,

Yes, Jonah Hill is a fan.
Yes, Jonah Hill is a fan.

And have simultaneously, along with the filmmakers, taken the blood of the die-hard and loyal fans, only to scribble "Comedy" all over Vampire Academy's sassy ass.

That's right, Vampire Academy, the 2014 film based on the highly popular and best-selling series of Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal books, has been nominated for, not one, but TWO awards in the category of COMEDY at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

One for Choice Movie: Comedy and a nomination for leading lady, Zoey Deutch, as Choice Movie Actress: Comedy.


Now obviously, Vampire Academy is not a comedy. But it's clear, from these two nominations, the cast and filmmaker interviews on the "humour" in VA, and the actual film, that somewhere along the line, somebody got very, VERY confused and mistakenly adapted it for screen as a comedy. We all know the whole series has elements of humour, and Rose's nature is the main reason for that, but the comedy in VA at no point overshadows the larger issues, so why has it been nominated as a comedy?

(Check out the other categories and nominations here)


What do you think of Vampire Academy being labelled a "comedy"?


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