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Now everyone should know what's going on with Bryan Singer I won't be getting it into here. Because it's not the right platform but.... I will go into why I think Singer needs to stay on the 'X-Men' franchise.

  • Umm... X-Men: The Last Stand Anyone?
Awful... Just Awful.....
Awful... Just Awful.....

As we all should know the reason, Singer did not direct X-Men: The Last Stand. Was because Warner. Bros offered him Superman Returns and he was getting more money as well. So when Singer left and FOX had to get a replacement. So who did they get the amazingly talented Brett Ratner....(said nobody ever)

  • Singer Brought The X-Men Back!
Wait... Put The Pitchforks Down People!!!
Wait... Put The Pitchforks Down People!!!

Don't get me wrong i'm not taking ANYTHING away, from Matthew Vaughn and what he did with X-Men: First Class. But... with X-Men 1, and 2 he changed the game he possibly shaped the superhero genre.

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I'm sure they are many other directors, that could do really well in that directors chair. But i just think for what FOX is trying to accomplish, and what Singer has done before with this series... I think he's perfect for it.

Now.... me being the X-Men fanboy that I am, the X-Men films they are truly NOTHING like the comics. And being a comic book fan you HAVE to separate the comics and the films. Comic books are one separate medium and so are movies not everything that works in comics will work in movies.

  • Singer's 1st Official X-Men: Trilogy
In Singer We Trust?
In Singer We Trust?

Whether you like Singer or not, we have to give him credit he did shape and change a genre, Yes he left X-Men to go do Superman Returns so we can't feel bad that he never directed X-Men: The Last Stand. But... this is his one shot to do the next few X-Men films.

Hell I would bet if Singer never left X-Men, for Superman those 3 films original X-Men films. Would be considered one of the best trilogy's of all time.

And to conclude Singer had his cake and ate it too with Days of Future past he basically rebooted the series without having to reboot. So now he can go anywhere... let's just hope Singer can make it out alive.


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