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Right now the story line for Face/Off was really good and was played out well by the actors. They played it so well that sometimes you get lost with who's playing who? But the personalities where still there which made you still keep track with the actors and the story.

The story takes us through FBI special agent Sean Archers (John Travolta) who's son gets shot by a guy called Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) a Civil Terrorist, whom was trying to assassinate Archer when he killed his son accidentally. A few years goes by and Sean finally catches Castor and he dies. But a bombs has been placed by Castor somewhere in the city and Archer needs to locate this but only by being Castor, he can claim this information off his brother. Hence here's the interesting part. So Castor is dead and Archer borrows his face in order to become him to get information about the bomb to stop it from blowing up. And this is where we find out Castor's body has been in coma and when awakens borrows Archer's face and vice versa.

I know I know I am confused myself, but trust me it's an interesting story line and really plays with your head.

Your face is my face and my face is yours!
Your face is my face and my face is yours!

I recommend this film a watch on a lovely free evening, there's more to it but this is just the base line of the story and where it leads to the whole FACE change.

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