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Kaiju films (such as Godzilla) were not always from Japan; South Korea had a similar kaiju film in 1967 called Yonggary, which was remade in 1999, released in the United States also under the title Reptilian. However, I was thinking to myself one time, "Should there be a Burmese kaiju film?"

Myanmar (Burma) had a film industry that had been going around since the mid-to-late 1910's, and had been flourishing since 1920. So far, there were no Burmese science fiction films of the kaiju category. Burmese culture even included a flourishing punk rock scene.

Burmese kaiju should have characters that would be based off of monsters in Burmese mythology. A prime example of this would be Chinthe. Chinthe was a monster from Burmese mythology who had been abandoned by his human princess wife (bestiality), and for this reason, it went on a rampage throughout the Burmese country. Chinthe was a leogryph (lion-like creature), and had appeared on some banknotes of the kyat (the Burmese dollar), printed by the Central Bank of Myanmar.

In my opinion, if there was a kaiju film called Chinthe (Burmese title Hekrang Se), than it would have high amounts of CGI, special effects, and really good acting, with some traditional Burmese folk music as a basis of its soundtrack. It would have a world record of being the first ever Burmese kaiju film in the history of Burmese cinema.


What would the release date of the first possible Burmese kaiju film be (in the United States)


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