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Rose Moore

Great news for women like me who love to see female-focused entries into the comic book world! Recent publication Rat Queens has been picked up for an animated series, and I personally cannot wait!

Published by Image Comics, the rights to this series about four heavy-drinking kick-ass sell swords has been bought by Pukeko Pictures and Heavy Metal, who are developing it into a series of 30 minute episodes.

Jeff Krelitz (co-owner of Heavy Metal) talked about the project, and in one way in particular, I think he hit the nail on the head:

Rat Queens’ is a standout in the marketplace as a diving rod for fangirls, a market as yet untouched by most comics publishers.

He is absolutely right - a major reason for the popularity of the book is that it focuses entirely on women warriors in a fantasy world (technically, one real warrior, a mage, a thief and a cleric.) Not just the righteous super-heroine types, either: on vulgar, heavy-drinking and flawed characters. This may occasionally fall into the "strong female" stereotype at times, but it's funny, it's different, and I can't wait to see more.

The only thing left is to hope that when it is pitched, a network can be found to take it up. With the success of shows like "The Boondocks", "Black Dynamite", and "Metalocalypse" on Adult Swim, I feel like that's where we will be seeing the Rat Queens TV debut.


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