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Of course by now you probably heard about Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man and the frantic search for a replacement director. I remember when Avenger's Earth's Mightiest Heroes (EMH) was cancelled and one of the ideas was that the new show should have a cast that matched the movies. This made sense but then Ant-Man and Wasp got booted and Black Widow and Falcon were introduced in Avengers Assemble. I found this to be rather odd and disappointing because:

1) The EMH cast kept expanding much like in the comics so you never knew who was going to make an appearance or join the team which was pretty cool.

2) The [Ant-Man](movie:9048) movie was already in the works so why get rid of a character that was going to be part of the team anyways in Phase 3?

3) The Falcon character in the cartoon doesn't match up with the Anthony Mackie's portrayal of the Falcon so why confuse audiences like that?

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Anyways, when the issues with Ant-Man started popping up, i couldn't help but think that the show prophecized problems with Ant-Man (I blame my spanish side LOL). I thought, well i guess if the movie had to go or get pushed back it wouldn't really affect the new show because he's not even there to begin with anymore. What do ya'll think, are you superstitious like me or do you think its all rubbish. LOL


Did the new Avenger's Assemble cast allude to trouble with the Ant-Man movie?


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