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Emma Watson has been snapped my paps while embroiled in a sneaky little public display of affection with her boyfriend of 6 months.

The couple shared a kiss on the streets of North London as they took a leisurely stroll together. Who knew the clean cut Watson was a beard lady?! Maybe she is practising for her upcoming role in [Beauty and the Beast](movie:362071) ?

Check out the (blurry) images for yourself below;

So, who is the mystery man who nabbed the 24-year-old actresses heart? You won't recognize him, because he isn't a fellow celeb.

Matthew Janney is an Oxford student and rugby player, and he has been publicly dating Watson for about half a year now. The loved up pair were last spotted together in New York City last month.

News of their relationship broke at the beginning of January 2014, while the couple were on vacation together in the Caribbean.

I always knew that Emma Watson was a smart young lady, and dating someone who isn't in the industry seems like a shrewd move to me. Less paparazzi, more private life and different career paths to chat about. Brilliant. And, he's pretty hot! Nice one, girl!


Emma Watson's boyfriend: Hot or not?

(Source: The Daily Mail)

(Images: The Daily Mail via INF Photo and HDW)


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