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Jared Leto, who won a best supporting actor Oscar this year for Dallas Buyers Club, is lining up his first role since the win: the lead in Brilliance, an adaptation of Marcus Sakey's X-Men-esque novel saga.

Will Smith was originally signed up for the lead, but has dropped out to star in Ridley Scott's upcoming movie on concussions in American football, inspired by Jeanne Marie Laskas's 2009 GQ article Game Brain.

Brilliance revolves around government agent Nick Cooper, who belongs to a powerful minority. Each 'Brilliant' has their own distinctive power, whether sensing people's darkest secrets from the way they fold their arms, or becoming invisible. Cooper's hunting powers give him a headstart on his job tracking down terrorists. But when he's asked to catch the most dangerous man alive, a Brilliant intent on provoking a civil war, Nick's loyalty is put to the ultimate test.

Like any current novel, Brilliance is intended to become a trilogy of books, which will likely also become movies if the box office returns demand it.


So, will Jared Leto return to Brilliance in the superpowered adventure?


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