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What will they do next? X-Wing fighter knives... let me just say that again: X-Wing fighter knives. It's beginning to seem like anything we use could be made into a Star Wars-themed version of itself. Crazy.

In preparation for the upcoming [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158), we should expect to see lots of this.

Check out the X-Wing Knife Set below:

The set comes with five stainless steel knives and is going for about $120, so yeah, you really need to want them knives.

I'm slowly getting a picture of a world where every thing we use has Star Wars branding.

An Obi-Onzie, An Annakinetic Sports Watch, A Darth Spade, Han Burger with Fries, An R2 Detour (this is a GPS that takes you to all the scenic routes in your area); needless to say, a bottomless pit...

Bita real life for you here folks.

The Darth Vader Burger

Perhaps not in a galaxy so far away.

Here's some facts about the knives:


• Chrome-effect plastic knife holder, Includes five stainless steel knives, Cook’s knife: 335mm, Bread knife: 320mm, Carving Knife: 325mm, Utility knife: 235mm, Paring knife: 195mm, Officially licensed


• Base diameter: 250mm, Length (with knives): 340mm,Boxed dimensions: 365mm x 266mm x 164mm

Click here to pre-order a set.

So do you want a Star Wars product infused future existence? Or do you want to simply invent a name for one? Leave it in the comments below


Excited About a Star Wars Product Infused Future?

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