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Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe look set to return to the world of film noir - with Iron Man 3 helmer Shane Back calling the shots.

The duo are reportedly being lined up to star in The Nice Guys, Black's upcoming noir effort, co-written with Anthony Bagarozzi. The film is being pitched as a gritty, 1970s-set piece, with the synopsis currently available suggesting something well suited to both Crowe and Gosling's darker charms:

"[The film] follows Jackson Healy (muscle-for-hire, recovering alcoholic) and Holland March (private eye, practicing alcoholic), who are brought together by the suicide of a fading porn star. However, the dead girl's aunt is convinced she saw her niece alive and well after the highly publicized incident. March needs money, takes the case, and within days, it's blossomed into a far-reaching murder conspiracy, bizarrely rooted in smog and the U.S. auto industry."

The only real potential hiccup lies in the fact that neither actor has officially signed on yet - but with both having some unfinished business with the genre (Crowe was far from top-billed on the fantastic L.A. Confidential, and Gosling's last straight noir was Gangster Squad...) it's a tempting proposition.

With luck we'll have official confirmation soon.

[The Nice Guys](movie:1500263) is yet to receive an official release date.


What do you guys think? The Nice Guys sound good to you? Nice, even?

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