ByDania Lerman, writer at
Dania Lerman

Like all Hollywood big shots, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone get a lot of paparazzi hassle...and it pretty much SUCKS. A lot.

Celebrities have different ways of dealing: Justin Bieber beat them up, Alec Baldwin beat them up, Kanye West beat them up, Kirsten Stewart cursed them out, and Britney Spears smashed a pap car with an umbrella...

Andrew and Emma, on the other hand, took the high road. They developed their own unique, non-violent approach...and while they were at it, they went ahead and made the world a better place, too. Check out their awesome paparazzi protest...

Now THAT'S what I call setting a (really) good example - using nothing but generosity and kindness to stand up for yourself. Thanks guys, you rock.


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