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This is one of my favourite vampire films. Louis (Brad Pitt) shares his story about how he became a vampire to a human. He tells him about who was his creator and how he lost people he met along the way. Louis's wife died in child birth and from then on he didn't want to live any more. He was so tired with life that he would drink, gamble his money and sleep with women. Until one night death finds him.

Lestat (Tom Cruise) an old vampire has been interested in Louis for a while seeing that he no longer wants to live. Lestat gives Louis a choice he never had to live young and immortal forever. As the story goes on they move around to different places and people start to get suspicious of them. They find and help a young girl Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) and raise her like their own. Things don't seem to go the correct way when they meet with Armand (Antonio Banderas) one of the much older vampires.

Armand one of the oldest vampires
Armand one of the oldest vampires

I am fascinated by films which tell stories such as a narrator narrating and someone sets the scene/ story for you and also because I like to see the time pass in films because I like to follow the main characters through the film. I like to see their developments and where has the story/film lead them to and it's purpose.

I highly recommend this film a watch if you've not seen it. A unique story about a 200 year old vampire who is now living in the modern day world telling his story . And to top it off none of that walking in the daylight vampire garbage. I'm not saying I don't watch vampire films/series that portray vampires differently, I don't mind them, I just prefer films that stay true to the original story about vampires. For example burning in the sun, stake to the heart and crucifixes these are just some examples there are so many more. Don't you agree?

Let me know your thoughts on this film and in general about staying true to the original stories about vampires that we grew up with and for certain films it's OK to be different!

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