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Okay, so there has been a lot of debate on Warner Bros. DC Batman reboot. Whether or not they will do it, or if they should. If they do, which I'm sure they will, what should we expect?

First off, Ben Affleck signed a contract keeping him on as Batman for multiple films, according to Batfleck is a huge Batman fan as well, and could possibly be up for directing the reboot, as well as creating the character, which I think would be a great idea, Zach Snyder can't have all the fun. But what should we expect out of Batfleck for the next couple of years? Well, after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice releases they will have to start moving with the other characters and probably won't focus on Batman until after the Justice League. Again, which is perfectly fine by me, we've seen a lot of Batman already over the past ten years. Obviously, it's time for other heroes to make their mark. But I do think Batman will return, but right before Justice League 2.

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That just leaves us with, what will we see from Batman with the next "reboot"? Well, here's what I think we should expect. Given, Kevin Smith's love for Batman, and his connections at DC Comics & Warner Bros. he is given a lot of sneak peeks to projects, so he may end up being a overseer of the Batman films. Which means, good things are coming. Will we see another origin story? No. Ben Affleck's Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a Batman close to or already in retirement, sort've like Christian Bale's...

...depressed, weak, asshole, Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. But more like this Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond.

I love that. They have a lot of unused source material from Batman's retirement days. I think the first reboot will show an old Bruce Wayne that has to fight crime one last time before handing his suit over. Which is perfect because then, I think they will start to move into my childhood favorite, Batman Beyond. Who hasn't wanted to see Batman Beyond hit the big screen? That doesn't mean they're will be one last solo Batman film, not at all, there will be others, I haven't given much thought to the others yet, but I think they will have to keep the retired Batman theme going, at least for ten years.


What do you think we should expect from the Batman Reboot?


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