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It's no secret that Hollywood's come a long way. Digital effects far too complex for me to begin wrapping my mind around have opened endless opportunities which, a few decades ago, would've never been considered. But I never caught the full extent of visual effects until finding these before-and-after effects photos - I had NO idea how much was simulated! It's WILD. Take a look:

1) The Walking Dead:

I always wondered about those cars! Like... how did they get enough to go on for miles, how did they get them there in the first place, etc. Well... turns out they just... well... didn't!

2) Life of Pi:

So it's a little sad that he wasn't actually cuddling with a massive and deadly beast -

- but this is a situation where, thanks to the heavy use of VFX, we come to understand just how skilled and talented these actors are... I would've never thought Suraj Sharma was acting all that out with invisible animals!

3) Game of Thrones:

So all this time Arya's been staring off into the vast and picturesque... blue screen?

...and Khaleesi's been leading her army through... somewhere that's NOT an epic and exotic desert city?

...and the high peaks of the north are about... 10 feet tall?

...pretty mind blowing, huh?

4) The Wolf of Wall Street:

Dream vacation in a... garage? Way to make it work!

5) The Great Gatsby:

It never even OCCURRED to me they weren't actually filming in the city! But now that I think about it, returning all of Times Square to the 1920s would've been a pretty big feat...

Oh and remember when we thought they were whizzing around in that snazzy convertible? Well... they weren't:

6) The Avengers:

Ooookay so they didn't actually need to risk being blown to pieces... makes sense, I suppose.

7) Gravity:

No surprises with this one - let's just stop and acknowledge the unreal thespian genius of Sandra Bullock - hours of filming mostly on her own, on a set that's 100% NOT there... damn. Hats off to you, girl.

7) Grey's Anatomy:

So turns out they were actually filming in Los Angeles most of the time... this probably happens a lot more than we think.

8) Alice in Wonderland:

I always wondered where in the world this location was, and how they ever found those trees!

9) The Hobbit:

So I guess Middle Earth isn't actually real... *tear*


So... how do you feel about the heavy use of digital effects?


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