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Hugh Jackman has been epically growing out his facial hair for his role as Blackbeard in the upcoming Warner Bros. adaptation of Peter Pan!

The next step? Shaving off his thick black hair and trimming away at that monster beard! Check out the beautiful photo that he recently shared with Instagram:


... And you thought THAT was scary? Well, while we wait for Hugh to adopt a parrot for his new role, let's take a look back at this Aussie thesp's most dementedly diverse movie looks. There's plenty of 'em - let me tell you!!

1. Leopold, Kate & Leopold - 2001

Jackman flexed his chops as a heartthrob playing a 19th century English baron. Colin Firth was seething...


2. Boyd Bolton, Butter - 2011

Hugh Jackman as a used car salesman cowboy, looking worryingly too much like your old man. Take all that as you will.


3. Robert Angier, The Prestige - 2006

It's no cruel trick or illusion! No smoke and mirrors. No sleight of hand... Sadly, Hugh's slimy magician look was REAL!


4. Vincent, Chappie - 2015

When they said the 80s were back, Hugh, I think you read a little too much into it... Stay buried, mullet, stay buried.


5. Jean Valjean, Les Miserables - 2012

The ultimate tramp stamp... It's wrong that I find this look the hottest, right?


6. Wolverine, X-Men - 2000

"How!?", I hear you ask? 'Roids, chicken, steak, and brown rice until you start to smell funky, I guess!


7. Van Helsing, Van Helsing - 2004

It's alive... It's alive... It's aliiiiiiiiive!

I am, of course, referring to Jackman's long, flowing hair. No shortage of Pro-V here.


8. Drover, Australia - 2008

Buff-bodied bloke lets loose on baby oil.


9. Tom, The Fountain - 2006

Bald and monk-like, much like a slimmed-down Varys. This giving anyone else the creeps?


10. Peter Allen, The Boy From Oz

Yeah, I know, I know. Not a movie - a musical. But these 'definitely not gay' pictures were just that little bit too good not to include...

What's your favorite Hugh look?


I like me my Hugh...


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