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Ever since Marvel wowed audiences with their post credit scenes hinting at [The Avengers](movie:9040) movie, it's been a staple in comic fandom for every movie that comes out: the End Credits Teaser. In fact, there was a lot of surprise when Sony basically sold that position to Fox's [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942). It has just come to be expected.

And, as usual, with expectation comes speculation.

The speculation now is that NOVA will be the star of the post credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy. And, this totally makes sense considering the Nova corp plays heavily in Guardians as does Rhomann Dey who gave Earth's Nova his power. And we all know the fans will be happy if this turns out to be true.

But just to say that it's NOVA is not enough. Some speculate Richard Ryder and some say it may be Sam Elliot, Ryder's replacement. Knowing the Marvel Movie Machine; they will go with the original Nova aka Richard Ryder seeing that Alexander is considered a NINO (NOVA IN NAME ONLY) by the fans anyway. And and Joe Queseda tend to argree.

Joe Queseda
“Really, you have to start with the loyalists. If the loyalists reject it, then we feel that everyone is going to reject it.”

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning were the creative team behind [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) when it was cancelled in lieu of a movie. They were also working on the NOVA comic at the time which was also cancelled. Abnett and Lanning's Nova was Richard Ryder.

Most of this info comes from a 'mysterious source' from which then 'leaked' these spoilers:


"The source previously told us the Stan Lee cameo, a Star-Lord/Ronan/Thanos scene, as well as news about the reshoots.Regarding Richard Rider, we are told he's not in the movie. We're also told that there is no Quasar, Beta Ray Bill or Silver Surfer (it was said at one time Marvel was trying to get Surfer and Galactus back from Fox).We're also told that Xandar doesn't get blown up. We have to give James Gunn credit for not going the easy route and destroying Xandar, as it's a commonly used plot device in the comics. We're told either Ronan or Thanos make an attempt, but it doesn't happen. We're guessing Ronan because he has some kind of religious complex and is said to be on a holy war against the Xandarians.It's possible Nova (hopefully Richard Rider) could be featured in the post-credit scene. I'm waiting for info in regards to that."

Latino reviews who has had some really good spoilers in the past seems to know, but they're not talking. Strange...

Also, as I have speculated before, ADAM WARLOCK is a strong contender for the post credits scene. I think the fact that he is strongly linked to one of the Infinity Gems aka THE SOUL GEM is enough to almost guarantee you'll see him somewhere. If not Guardians, Doctor Strange.

And, with Marvels history of cancelling titles leading into big movie appearances, it all begins to make sense that Warlock is a 'shoe in' considering the ADAM WARLOCK blackout that occurred only a few months ago.

For more info on this story follow the link:

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