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Horror is the movie genre that takes taboos by the throat and makes them... well no actually, that's too horrible to say.

But, much to the delight of us horror hounds, it isn't deemed too horrible to watch!

As an avid gore enthusiast I have witnessed hundreds of retina scarring-scenes that are literally impossible to un-see, and it's the least I can do to share the most disturbing of the crop with you guys.

So, get the vomit bucket at the ready, be prepared to protectively cup your genitals and get down with my list of the top 5 sickest horror movie moments.

Trust me, this lot will make [Borgman](movie:967085) look like The Care Bears...


5. Deliverance: Squeal Like a Pig

Deliverance straddles the line between horror and thriller, but that doesn't make this hillbilly rape scene any less harrowing.

Ned Beatty performed this scene in one take with 9 cameras rolling because the content was so distressing that he refused to do it twice.

The words 'squeal like a pig' will now haunt my nightmares forever, as will the orthodontic horror that is the pervy redneck onlooker. Cheers, guys!


4. À l'intérieur's Forced Scissor Caesarean

There are no videos out there of this clip because it's far too disturbing for any video host to touch.

In this French horror movie (also known as Inside) a psychotic woman clad entirely in black breaks into a pregnant woman's flat on Christmas eve, hell-bent on hacking out her unborn fetus.

You think surely they won't go there but then the intruder starts a-snipping, cutting Sarah's stomach open like a ripe watermelon, before dragging the fetus out of the now-dead mother.

Oh... and did I mention that the psycho baby snatcher had her face horrifically blowtorched off before any of this happened for added gore? As if that was needed...


3. Hard Candy Castration

Ever imagined having your balls cut off? Here's a handy visual aid so you can go into even more eye-wateringly vivid detail next time you have a castration nightmare. You're welcome!


2. Antichrist's Self-Cliterectomy

Sorry ladies, I'm afraid I have some leg crossing, eye-watering action for you too.

You can always rely on Lars Von Trier to really step it up when it comes to pushing controversy, and apparently having an emotionally disturbed woman hack off her own clitoris with a giant pair of rusty scissors is totally his bag.

If you're feeling exceptionally brave, you can watch the fateful snip at the end of the makeup and effects video below. Enjoy!


1. The Human Centipede 2: Witness the Shitness

It's hard to select the most stomach-grinding moment from the fecal festival that is The Human Centipede 2, but I endured the whole thing so you don't have to.

Although I was tempted by the moment where our twisted villain wraps barbed wire around his peen and brutally shunts the centipede's back end, sending foul lustful ripples down the entire beast, the laxative scene wins.

If you have a weak stomach grab the nearest bin because this clip involves 12 people, violently and explosively discharging diarrhoea into each other's mouths like the world's most upsetting waterfall. I'm sorry, but you did ask for it!



Which horror movie clip did you find the most disturbing?

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