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Contrary to what might have been thought a year or so ago, Maleficent can at this stage be seen as a genuine smash hit. The film was met with relatively warm reviews and, at time of writing, sits pretty at the box office with $430 million in global earnings. No wonder then that Disney are keen to cash in.

The Mouse House announced just last week that along with Kenneth Brannagh's upcoming take on Cinderella and Jon Favreau's Jungle Book, yet another live action re-imagining was under way, this time with Bill Condon reworking Beauty and the Beast. The news got us all thinking about what other live action reboots the studio has on the cards, and who exactly would be cast in those famous roles.

Elle Fanning just gave us Sleeping Beauty's Aurora; Lily James will be revealed as Cinderella soon; Emma Watson will star in Del Toro's non-Disney production of Beauty and the Beast; and K-Stew showed us her Snow White in 2012, but what of Condon's Belle and the rest of this legendary plethora? Who exactly might Disney be seeking out? Let's have a wonder...

Could Belle be played by...

Leighton Meester?

Rumors have been rampant that Kristen Stewart would take the role, largely due to the fact that her Twilight director Bill Condon is at the helm, but we're not so sure. As we mentioned above, Stewart just did the live action Disney thing so we'll be punting that either Leighton Meester or Natalie Portman could be eyed for the role.

No question Ariel will be...

Emma Stone

Charming, funny and oh so very hip, and that's without even mentioning the hair. Is there any other option?

Pocahontas could be...

Marisa Quinn

Played with such grace by Q'orianka Kilcher in Terrence Mallick's The New World, Pocahontas remains a tricky one to cast but we imagine Disney might punt for the Breaking Dawn: Part II actress of Lipan Apache descent.

No doubt Jasmine would be played by...

Freida Pinto

An obvious choice if ever there was one but Pinto does have all the beauty and attitude that the Agrabah princess possessed.

Tiana might be best served if...

Zoe Saldana was on board

Another piece of straight forward casting, Saldana just effortlessly looks the part.

What a vision.

Mulan could be tricky but why not...

Jamie Chung

At 31 Chung might be seen as a touch too old but we can hardly see that standing in her way.

Rapunzel would have to be...

Amanda Seyfried

Again, no competition here.

Merida is...

Lily Cole

An easy choice for Pixar's first leading lass.

Bringing us right up to Elsa... be played by Ashley Benson...

... and lastly, but not leastly, Anna to be played by...

Rose Leslie

Although we hear she has a thing for the snow...

We'll see ourselves out.

Any of these seem way off the mark? Can you guys do better? Give us some suggestions in the comments below.


Which of these would you most like to see?


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