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Heart and Fire Productions is proud to release a sneak peak trailer of our upcoming horror/comedy feature film titled Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans!

With an eccentric cast of characters, amazing SFX and outrageous story, we’re excited to share with the press a taste of what our zany film has to offer. The Crippleton family is the highlight of this trailer and rightfully so since the film follows their day to day routine. Some may fear their life when encountering the Crippleton’s because… well let’s be honest, they look like they would eat the flesh right off your bones, but for those who get to know them, you may just find out you’d like to stick around for the boozin’ and floozin’.

Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans introduces us to a backwoods family plagued by a mysterious zombie curse. Enter Barnaby Hunt, host of Horror Hunts, a show dedicated to bringing you the story behind horror legends, supernatural occurrences and the macabre. We find Barnaby on Sukkin Booz farm which is inhabited by Hans Crippleton and his inbred family members. Barnaby and his camera crew are swept into the backwoods ways of this disturbing family and are along for the ride as they uncover the mystery behind the Crippleton family zombie curse. Hans Crippleton (the leader of the pack) is the star of the show as we witness his rise and fall from fame. And let’s just say he gets into a lot mischief with his little hand and proud hump.

In an age when so many strive to be politically correct and vanilla I have to say this one looks like a TON of oh so very wrong fun! The trailer hooked me and I am already looking forward to getting my mitts on this in the near future! I have a feeling there will be something to offend everyone in this one, and sometimes thats exactly what we need!


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