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I was told to come here and rant.
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The type of person who is often referred to as a "nerd" tends to get caught up in their books and not really care that much about the real world until they finish their book, which often results in them crying because of the emotional attachment they feel. I proudly admit that I am one of those people, and the idea of this fictional masterpiece that I have fallen in love with getting turned into a movie is quite horrifying since the director could easily ruin the whole thing. At the same time, though, you get to see your imagination come to life which is quite fun to experience, which makes it all the more nerve-wrecking since the director could ruin the picture you have formed with your imagination.

I read The Fault in Our Stars a few years ago and was very emotionally attached to this book. I even considered it my favorite book. I read it multiple times and then I heard the announcement that is was being made into a movie. I was nervous yet excited and I followed the news on twitter about the movie for a year. Finally, the premiere came and I bought my ticket, ready to sob and be disappointed all at once since every book to movie adaption I had seen had pretty much been a flop.

By the end of the movie, I had tears streaming down my face yet I was happy. Had the director, Josh Boone, actually made the movie a success or had I become more lenient in my attitude? I discovered that I was so happy because Josh Boone picked every important part out of the book and made it very special. Sure, the movie had quite a few flaws and was missing quite a bit, but every single moment on the screen was sentimental and nearly perfect. He used his time wisely and didn't foolishly add anything, making the movie quite a success.

What made this movie so great, though, had to be the wonderful cast. Shailenne Woodley is a very talented young actress and I believe this was a good role for her, despite what some people are saying. She is very good with being dramatic and this was just up her alley. I think her mistake was accepting the role as Tris in Divergent, but that can also be debated. The best part about the cast, though, was the teenage heart throb Ansel Elgort. His charming looks and cocky personality allow him to play the role of Augustus Waters beautifully, and the movie would not have been the same with any other guy playing this role. Even the actor Nat Wolff did a great job and really brought his character to life. The cast made the love story beautiful.

I know this movie was a success because of the millions of teenage girls sobbing in theaters around the world. Josh Boone is a very talented director, and I'm really excited to see how he does with Paper Towns, which is a novel by John Green (who also wrote The Fault in Our Stars). This movie should be remembered for being a great book to movie adaption.


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