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A few months ago, Lou Ferrigno, long-time voice for the green alter-ego of Bruce Banner, claimed that we could definitely plan to see a Hulk solo film in Marvel Phase 3. Following that, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo from the Avengers claimed to know of no such project. Now, after having worked on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron for three months, Ruffalo seems to have some new information about a potential future of a Hulk solo series reboot or continuation.

"I think they're, for the first time, sort of entertaining the idea of it. When we did [The Avengers], it was basically 'No.' Now, I think, there's some consideration for it, but nothing definitive or even a skeletal version of what it would be. I look forward to going down that road, if we could crack the nut. I think the Banner/Hulk storylines [are] obviously not an easy nut to crack."

It sounds as if Ruffalo has been talking with Kevin Feige on filming location about the possibility and it sounds like it's currently being considered pretty heavily. With Feige's current contract only running until the end of Phase 3, it would seem likely that this consideration would be for a Hulk solo film to commence in Phase 3 before Feige's own contract runs out.

If they did Iron Man 4 and Banner's in that, that'd be very cool

Ruffalo added this later, however, from the sounds of previous reports, it would seem as though Robert Downey Jr. is not considering an Iron Man 4 movie at the time. Could RDJ's opinions have changed recently as well?


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